A New Book by Renata P. Smilo, MD

Doctor Smilo

Esteemed physician Renata P. Smilo, MD, shares the highlights of her heroic journey of triumph over adversity in this riveting, short memoir.

Torn suddenly and violently from a loving family in 1942 Poland, Renata and her sister, Jeanette, miraculously survived the ravages of a slave labor camp in Czechoslovakia. Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds in postwar Europe, and as a new immigrant to the United States in 1950, young Renata never wavered from her dream of becoming a physician. Buttressed by the love and support of her devoted sister, and armed with steadfast and heartfelt desire, Dr. Smilo’s pioneering path to medicine is an odyssey of the human soul and spirit.

In this cross-cultural account that moves from tragic loss and deep despair to renewed hope, joy, and enduring love, Dr. Smilo’s life of a trailblazer is a testimony to the power of determination to never abandon a dream.

After a lifetime of service and remarkable achievement, and making medical history, Dr. Smilo, who recently retired at age 96, provides a glimpse through her memoir into what is possible when one commits to living undeterred.

Readers will be touched and enriched by her story.

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